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Banksy's Girlfriend - Alexis Smith and Banksy - close-up of 2 people, Alexis smiles sweetly while Banksy gives the middle finger to the camera

The Crappy Job of Being Banksy’s Girlfriend

photo of my boyfriend Banksy / Charles Rosenthal on a boat and holding his hand in front of the camera lens

Banksy. The world’s most famous artist. The world’s most infamous artist. The world’s most important artist. The world’s most secret identity. For many people Banksy is all those things. But he is also, for at least the few minutes a day that he isn’t busy “being Banksy,” a human being. Does he eat lunch? Yes, he does. Does he piss and poop? Yes, he does. Does he brush his teeth? Yes, he does. Does he have a girlfriend? Yes, he does, and for better or for worse, that would be me.
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