Banksy's Girlfriend, Alexis Smith laying on the grass with an electric guitar across her body and her blonde hair flowing outward.

Alexis F. Smith

I do publicity for a living, but I can’t talk about my boyfriend!

I studied journalism at Trinity College Dublin, and have been working as a publicist since graduation. I’ve been Boris Johnson’s publicist since he was a Minister for Higher Education, and for 5 years now, I’ve been a publicist in the London Mayor’s office. In 2008 I also started doing work for the House of McQueen. My boyfriend has a “secret identity.” He’s actually the world’s greatest living artist (seriously) but I’m not allowed to tell anyone (also, unfortunately, seriously) Clark Kent’s girlfriend never had to deal with half the crap I do. Being fucking Lois Lane would be a cakewalk compared to being Banksy’s girlfriend.

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